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Woman Nation



    A while ago, we started thinking "Why do we have to pay for memberships?" or "Why can't we watch movies, documentaries and series on TV without using a cable between our laptops and the TV?" or "Why wait til 6 pm to watch that movie or TV show that we have been waiting for all week?" 

   That's why we came up with a cutting edge technology that allows us to connect all the channels, series, TV shows, movies, etc into one device, AL-GINI. All of these intertwine together, and for one to watch a movie or series whenever they want, they had to use their laptops, or pay money in order to obtain certain channels. That's when we gladly thought of the GINI TV Box, that allows you easily to watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Not only that, but also by using the Gini, you eliminate the use of satellites and minimise vision pollution.

                      Our goal and objective is to ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE and EVOLVE, (E-CUBED).